Simona is an interior decorator and artist based in Zürich. Whether you need consulting, decoration services, a full restyling or simply someone to shop with, she's here to help. For small or large spaces, offices or homes, just give us a call. If you need art to decorate your space, we offer a range of paintings available to buy immediately or can create custom artwork. 


We consult with our clients to provide guidance for buying new furniture, decorational objects as well as choosing the color themes for wall art and fabrics that set the desired mood for your place. 


Solutions to decorating small or large spaces, custom-created paintings and other wall art decorations to your liking and input. The service further includes organizing, improving and maximizing the use of already existing living or working spaces. 


We offer complete room restyling with space planning, re-arranging, furniture editing, one-day makeovers and paint color selections to breathe new life into your living or working spaces. 

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